About Us

Hello, friend!

We are Jacob and Ashley Dwyer, a husband and wife team! Together we continue a family name Huggins House. In short, we tell stories.


Every day despite the very real pain of losing our daughter, we choose to aim for what was good none the less.


Our goal is to make a lasting connection and to model a spirit of hope.


Our first book is one for the ages. It is fun and adventurous, silly and serious, light-hearted and full of wisdom. “A Gift from God” will be a favorite book for children, and a heart-felt book meeting those that are going through grief, right where they are.

Be a part of the story

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Thank you for reading about our story! If you have a story that you would like to share with us, we would be honored. You can contact us here!

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Learn more about Joan and how her human experience changed the world for the better